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Shopping Mall

Players 3-4
Length 45-80 minutes
Equipment Required standard piecepack, pawn saucers, 3 nickels, 25 pennies, paper & pencil for each player
Designer MichaelSchoessow? and StephenSchoessow?
Version 9
Version Date2006-11
License GNU FDL


You are a business executive and speculator interested in buying shops in a new and attractive city center shopping mall. Your goal is to maximize profit by owning the most lucrative shops in the best locations, staffed with your brightest managers.

Shops earn money for their owners whenever customers enter them. Various visitors to the mall have differing preferences. Visitors only enter shops that are the same color they are. When the game starts, all the mall visitors are still outside the mall, waiting to come in. During the course of the game they enter in groups, called crowds, and move throughout the mall, from entrance to fountain or fountain to fountain, or fountain to entrance, entering all shops of their color as they pass by. Players have the options of auctioning shops, moving crowds, and swapping managers during their turns in order to maximize their profits.

Runner-up in the GoodPortsmanship contest. Based on the game MarraCash.



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