10 Blank White Pieceagories

A Party Game for 2-4 Participants

by JenniferLevenbook?

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First Piecepack Drinking Game

This is a nice attempt to reappropriate the public domain mechanics of such party games as Scattergories and Facts in Five. Nothing really fundamental here, but an innovative use of a scoring track that compares well to the vaunted use of Icehouse pyramids for the same purpose. Flawed but innovative initial alphabetic letter selection mechanic using piecepack dice (for example, the letter T gets rolled about twice too often -- math available on request -- but it's still a pretty nifty mechanic). Innovative variants combining the game with Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, and so on. Worth a spin, especially if you enjoy party games.

--RonHaleEvans, Where No One Has Gamed Before, October 2018