Wind Farms

Players 2-4 (best with 3-4)
Length 30-60 minutes
Equipment Required 1 piecepack, pen & paper for scoring
Designer Phillip Lerche
Version 0.3
Version Date2007-03-20
License unknown


Power from Wind... the biggest payout comes from supplying power to the big cities, but they are all located in windless valleys. Expand your power network in an ever-changing landscape.

This game is a non-competing 'late' entry in the GoodPortsmanship competition. It is based on Friedemann Friese's Power Grid.



I've been playing Wind Farms lately as a two player game, each person controlling two suites. And enjoying it quite a bit.

The rules say:

Phase 1. Bidding to establish a new turn order In reverse turn order, each player plays one of his coins value side up to the table.

I wonder why, though. Is it to give the player lowest in the pawn ladder and advantage or a disadvantage?

How can it be an advantage if everyone can outbid you once they see who much you bid.

I think the theme does not conform very well with the rules in the part that says:

------- If more than 1 wind farm is built on a location, then the power is divided among the wind farms present, with the leftover power available going to the player(s) earliest in turn order. -------

In reality, If a tile is in a windy location for one Windfarm it would still be a windy location for another windfarm placed in that same tile. I think something that *does* have be shared is *water*, like water for crops.

I think the theme should be of mono-crop farmers (one crop for each suit)

Notice also that consumers of rice would also consume brocolli, and would also consume apples. As the rules imply:

------- Players may provide the same towns/cities with power as other players. -------

Whereas with electric power that is not really the case. In reality, if a company gives me power I don't really need another company to give me power, also.

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