piecepackr is an R package designed to make configurable piecepack graphics. It includes some executable Rscripts designed to make "Print & Play" PDF files of piecepack components. It currently has several pre-configured demo print-and-play PDF files. It is possible to use the software to create one's own customized print-and-play piecepack deck(s) as well as create piecepack diagrams for inclusion into rulesets. However, the documentation and software currently assumes knowledge of the (Ubuntu Linux) command-line, and the API is in alpha. It is hoped that a simpler web front-end will be written and deployed to ludism.org in a year or so.

If you have a free GitHub? account, you can go here to submit an issue or request for piecepackr: https://github.com/trevorld/piecepackr/issues


piecepackr is a free, open-source software package that aims at being the proverbial Swiss Army knife for printable piecepack graphics, including

One day I hope to use a fraction of piecepackr's functionality to generate a SteampunkPiecepack as well as an easily fine-tunable Packtet, not to mention things I can't even imagine now.

Trevor's plan is to install the package eventually onto Ludism.org (home of the Piecepack Wiki), where it will be given an easy-to-use web interface available to everyone in the community (and curious bystanders as well).

Trevor has put a mighty effort into piecepackr and is doing a huge service to the piecepack community. Perhaps not many people are aware of Trevor's work yet, but one day it will likely mark the next phase in the evolution of the piecepack.

Therefore, to celebrate Trevor's ongoing work, I award him the Where No One Has Gamed Before Special Achievement. Congratulations, Trevor!

--RonHaleEvans, Where No One Has Gamed Before, October 2018