Humphrey Pippin Earlicker

Our unwitting and often enough unwilling Pomeranian mascot, named after the central figure in Finnegans Wake, Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker. He used to sit quietly and listen to us read the Wake aloud all afternoon when he was a tiny puppy, but now that he's older, he generally runs around bugging people when they're trying to concentrate.




Another frequent canine participant is Humphrey's adoptive big sister Gwenyth, who loves all company, but thinks JohnBraley? (a.k.a. Yatima) is just about the best thing ever.


Gwenyth was an old girl and eventually got bored with our blathering. So did JohnBraley?. We miss them.

Meanwhile, we found Humphrey an ALP to his HCE, a Pom mix named Bridget. This is a photo of today's session (4 June 2017) where she's rather energetically investigating the presence of a newcomer (to this universe), 10-week-old Carla, daughter of member WillBaslock?: