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His producers are they not his consumers? (497:01)

This is the home wiki of the Seattle/Tacoma-based Finnegans Wake reading group, Allforabit Funferall. Non-members are encouraged to post here!


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The Reading Group

Allforabit Funferall meets on the third Sunday of every month in Kent, Washington. We've been meeting since November 2005, and read just a few pages a month. Our emphasis is on extracting all the heady goodness we can from the Wake while having fun doing it.

Bring your laptop -- Fweet, Google, and Wikipedia are your friends. So-called "fanciful" interpretations are welcome!

Email RonHaleEvans for more information.

Session Reports (infrequent, brief, disjointed, and cranky)

The Wiki

Feel free to add your own content to this wiki. Anything related to Finnegans Wake is fair game, whether you're a member of Allforabit Funferall or not. Here are some pages to help you get started.

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Finnegans Wiki

There's another Finnegans Wake wiki called FinnegansWiki, and it's a great Wakean resource. If you want to annotate the Wake online, FinnegansWiki is the place to go.

You can also refer to FinnegansWiki pages on our wiki like this: FW:Page_3 or FW:Page_628. For pages in the book, try citations like Page:628.