This song is written in English gibberish with the idea that this is what English sounds like to Italians. This particular video version, which has become fairly popular, is composed of 2 performances edited together. I love the dancing.... and the use of mirrors works pretty well.

I was able to find 2 more versions of the same video but with added subtitles giving the English words. Curiously, the 2 versions had different English lyrics. More curiously, whatever subtitle words my eyes saw on the screen -- those were the words my ears heard.

I'm not going into why I think the song is relevant to FW! But it has a Wikipedia page with some interesting information.

I'm tossing in another youtube. This one, audio only, is by a popular Japanese comedian who is pretending to be 4 different people speaking 4 different languages while contesting a game of Mah Jong. Like Prisencolinensinainciusol, the languages are faked. The conversation might sound a little familiar to the gamers amongst us.