A computer game is A game that using some sort of microprocessor to create a game experience. Particular types of computers might be PC, console, or WebGames, and MobileGame?s are also emerging. While most games can be made in computer format, this usually refers to game that cannot easily be made in other formats. Frequently these are action (Dexterity? Games) and/or OnePlayerGames.

There are often a surprisingly large number of people involved in building a computer game. The most complex games (currently MMORPG) involve 2D artists, 3D artists, level designers, playtesters, AI programmers, game engine programmers (see ComputerProgramming), marketing people, the system administrators who keep things running, the actions of other gamers, community moderators, customer support people, ... who else ? ... are all important to the success of a computer game.

For "the 42 categories of video games", see GameDesign.

"a community resource for all those interested in games with non-entertainment goals. " There's a "game design" section that, at first glance, looks very relevant to game design. However, it's still mostly a place holder -- "an elaboration of the Best Practice will go here". Should we ask the webmaster to link to this Ludism game design wiki?

"Trials, Triumphs & Trivialities [offers] advice on how to build online prose games". (That means ComputerRPG, right?) I particularly found "Foiling the Information Age, Part Three" interesting. One option he suggests -- "go take advantage of those things rather than fighting a losing battle" -- seems very similar to the conclusion of the book Transparent Society. -- -- DavidCary [[DateTime?(2007-09-22T07:10:44Z)]]

For other wiki more tightly focused on computer games, see the WikiNode.

See CategoryComputerGame? for a list of example games described on this site.