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Welcome to the GameDesign wiki! This wiki collects concepts that can be used to create an engaging game.

Key Points of Interest

points key pages
Overall vision, what we are trying to accomplishGameDesign
Patterns are one way of organizing our thoughts PatternLanguage
Game design ideas CategoryGoodIdea, CategoryPattern?


topicwiki titledetails
Game design in German SpieleautorenwikiGerman language discussion of game design
game elements Game Ontology "The Game Ontology Project ... to develop a game ontology that identifies the important structural elements of games and the relationships between them." Needs wikinode
Board Games Board Game Wiki Non-design board gaming, especially German games; session reports
Game Programming GameProgrammingWiki Software, and implementing your ideas in the computer medium
General game info Game info wiki Aims to have information on every existing game, especially computer games, but also board games, card games, and sports. Fairly limited so far.
Free (computer) Games FreeGames Free (as in Freedom) Games, mostly video games
FreeRPG FreeRPG Free (as in Freedom) pen & paper Role Playing Games
Glass Bead Game design Glass Bead Game Wiki Designing gameforms and game instances of the Glass Bead Game
Piecepack Piecepack Wiki Information specific to designing with the Piecepack game system
Educational games EdGames was EdGames Using games to transmit information or skills; includes more general information
game design Wikibooks: Game design: Game design wiki, making a wiki-book
video game design Wikibooks: Video Game Design discussing all the many parts involved in building a ComputerGame
video game design focused on video game design needs wikinode
learning games selearning games Collaboratively building a game to teach financial profitability by and for social entrepreneurs. needs wikinode
Games? Doodleblog wiki Game design discussions more than welcome for this collection of daft games.
game research NITLE ( was NITLE ) casual games playable through web browsers needs wikinode
casual games the Casual Game Wiki easy-to-play games
blocks simulation Golly Gee blocks activity guide a variety of "educational activities" involving (simulated) building blocks ... many look like they would work with real blocks. needs wikinode
game design Board Game Designers Forum wiki "all aspects of designing board games -- game design, prototyping, playtesting, publishing, ..." needs wikinode
game design and play Board and Card Games Q&A for people who like playing board games, designing board games or modifying the rules of existing board games, not including role-playing games.
game design, gamemastering(spelling?), and play Role-playing Games for players and gamemasters of tabletop role-playing games.
video/computer game development Game Development Q&A for professional and independent and amateur video/computer game developers, including computer RPGs or MMORPGs, including Game design (architecture, gameplay, mechanics, etc).
game design Procedural Content Generation Wiki generation of game content using a random or pseudo-random process that results in an unpredictable range of possible game play spaces. In principle this applies to using dice to set up the initial configuration of a board game. ComputerGame are able to (in effect) roll the dice millions of times to generate highly detailed terrain, etc.
card game design Dvorak game wiki Dvorak is a card game where all of the cards start out blank, reminiscent of Nomic. needs wikinode


I've put Game design in German at the top, because it seems most relevant. I've removed Switch Wiki, because I don't think we need to link to utility wiki.

I question linking educational games, because it seems "closed"- it seems like it's for a classroom, and not outsiders. -- [[DateTime?(2004-07-01T18:19:04Z)]]

Gollygee blocks is thinking about developing a community of its educators... and has put up a wiki about the project and how it's being used. Appropriate to link here? I see some educational game but no product-specific links. cf. ... Sj