Noah 20Falstein

Writes the regular article Better_By_Design?, which tries to set down Patterns of ComputerGame design. This focus sometimes leads to rules that are too specialised for general GameDesign, but are often insightful and more broadly applicable.

A close associate of Hal_Barwood?, with whom he co-developed many of his rules.

Noah runs a consultant service, whose web pages host some of his other articles, many of which are likely to be relevant. He is also looking to put up the full text of his rules ("The 400 Project") in the future.

He has been in the games industry since 1980, working in a wide variety of roles including (roughly chronologically) programmer, designer, project leader, writer, creative director, executive producer and consultant. His best known games include the 1983 arcade game Sinistar (Project leader, co-designer), the 1987 game PHM Pegasus (Project leader, designer) and the 1992 game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (co-designer). More recently he designed Chaos Island and the award-winning (but relatively unknown) Hungry Red Planet. More info at his web site:

Another excellent article is Interactive 'Show, Don't Tell'

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