Human SocialInteraction is a vast and complex territory that people like to explore, and talk about the explorations of others. Gossip is probably as old as language. Beyond the success of the soap operas themselves, other entertainment that draws on the same ideas tends to do very well. The TV show Friends was basically a sitcomized soap opera. The characters in Ranma 1/2 have a tangled web of relationships (worse then normal due to the gender changing title character); furthermore they experience character growth through new friends, enemies, and techniques. Chris_Crawford? has made it his life's goal to to create a ComputerGame that can dynamically weave the soap opera elements into a true interactive story.

In short, vast amounts of human energy are directed at these elements. Can we use them in a BoardGame? Or do we leave it to Chris_Crawford?? (You might have to look at his patents if you want to compete.)