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> I used this version in my own wiki http://remuse.net/gbg

Six Pillars of the Glass Bead Game

Here are six characteristics of the fictional GlassBeadGame that any self-respecting GlassBeadGame PlayableVariant ought to emulate:


I'm not sure what you meant by "analogy," and put my guesses about what is meant by the other four. Please correct. :)

-- LionKimbro [[DateTime?(2004-06-21T18:19:02Z)]]

I've tried to explain Analogy, and have added a new pillar, Objectivation.

-- Ron_Hale-Evans? [[DateTime?(2004-10-13T04:27:27Z)]]

I'd connect the idea of "Objectivation" with "Syncretism," which I believe means working to find expression of the same idea in multiple places.

-- LionKimbro [[DateTime?(2004-11-06T18:42:27Z)]]

I like the core phrases you list on the GlassBeadGame page, beginning "in short, the basic ideas are..."

I suggest reversing the order of the first two, as Connection seems to be the first vital tool of the GBG and WikiAsGBG?. I also don't care for the word Objectivation, but feel that a particular nuance of Syncretism encapsulates it better. I suggest a non-academic etymology for SymbolicSyncretism?, mixing the Greek root syn- and the Latin crescere; the latter evoking "concrete" in place of Objectivation, and also the fact that cultures "grow" by (typically slow) accretion, ad-crescere.

I used this version in my own wiki http://remuse.net/gbg

  1. Connection? -- connect ideas (link, list, categorize)
  2. Analogy -- relate ideas by likeness
  3. Contemplation? -- contemplate ideas and their relationships
  4. Formalism? -- rules of play and constraints; a formal, quasi-mathematical game language
  5. Iconicity? -- compress ideas in glyphs; symbols; art
  6. Syncretism? -- depth, permanance (How well it can be shown that the symbols of the game are rooted in world culture, concrete reality or social accretions; not contrived ad hoc.)

What are your thoughts, and is it okay to excerpt this version on my wiki and my C2 edits?

-- ReMused? 2014 Feb 16/17