A PegSystem developed to teach memory techniques to the blind, although similar associations of body parts to the Sephiroth in Kabballah and to astrological signs suggest it may have been used early.


You can use parts of your own body as loci or pegs to associate images with. For example, you can remember a shopping list by imagining stapling bacon to your knees, tying your shoes with spaghetti strands, and so on.

The body parts can be more systematic, using names from the MajorSystem. Here is one ten-peg BodyList:

Learn the BodyList while standing, pointing or touching each body part, to link sound, image, and movement for a stronger impact. For the last two, point to your brain, then point up and draw a zero with your finger on the ceiling.


When I took a MegaMemory course, the seminar instructor used this list instead:

The printed course uses the same list, but with 3 = Muscles and 5 = Love Handles. MegaMemory does not mention the MajorSystem connection. Other printed lists I've seen are similar to the MegaMemory list, but explain the MajorSystem connection.


I currently don't have a citation for the history of the BodyList, but I'm looking for one.

I developed the first list myself, based on other lists I'd seen, because I thought Wrist and Elbow would be more useful memory locations. Also, I expanded the descriptions to emphasize some of the alternate sounds (Toes Down There = T D Th).

Another thing I like to do with the BodyList that I haven't seen anyone else mention: apply it as a template to other people, such as superheroes or celebrities or friends. You can remember ten things to tell your best friend next time you meet up by visualizing images connected to each of their body locations.

Another variation using the same principle is to imagine things connected to each of your fingers. In fact, you could expand this by imagining ten people or characters, one connected to each of your fingers (Elvis dancing on your left pinky, Boggie putting out his cigarette on your left ring finger, etc.)

--- JohnLaviolette