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Hack #69: Don't Neglect the Obvious: Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise

You know as well as we do that you need to sleep well, eat right, and exercise for your brain to be in peak condition. We're not going to scold you, but we are going to present some information you might not have known about your brain's relationship to your body.

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There are basically three types of exercises: aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular training, and strength exercises. While the latter will be an addition that will allow you to do improved thinking for a longer time before the rest of your body gives out, and anaerobic exercises will prepare you for moments of physical peak performance, to my knowledge only aerobic training is relevant to brain improvement. Examples for such exercises are jogging (the no-frills classic), jumping jacks (and other stationary movements) and other athletics. As you probably want to pack even more brain exercise into your training, complex coordination tasks like poi dancing may be for you. -- GehWegRevolutionaer


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