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Frequently asked questions about Mind Performance Hacks

What is a hack? Isn't hacking illegal?

The original meaning of hack among computer folk is just something like "a clever way to make something easier to do". This is the sense in which it is used in MindPerformanceHacks.

Isn't it hard to remember the mnemonics you recommend in order to remember something else?

Think of your memory as a muscle you're training by going to the gym. By spending a little effort in exercising your memory with the mnemonics in the book, you'll be able to increase the power of your memory significantly.

Also, most mnemonics in the book rely on some kind of meta-mnemonic that makes the mnemonic itself easier to remember. For example, in the NumberShapeSystem, it's easy to remember that the number 2 is represented by a swan because 2 is shaped like a swan.

In the book it says that all the hacks are available online as a zip file. Where are they?

What the book says is that the source code for the hacks that have any is available here: http://examples.oreilly.com/mindperfhks/

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