My name is Scott Cram.

I have been interested in memory techniques and feats since I first read Harry Lorayne's "The Memory Book" back in 1989. I've been interested in mental math feats as long as I can remember.

Sites that I have created relating to memory and mental math include the memory section of my Astonishment Site and my Be A Genius* (*...or, just look like one) site. (Those of you practiced with the MajorSystem may enjoy Doug Canning's "Mental Shopper" feat.)

I also maintain a blog about mental feats and their performance, called Grey Matters, whose motto is, "Train and strain your brain to entertain".

wiki mail box

Welcome to the Mentat wiki. I hope you enjoy reading and writing these pages. Thank you for putting useful information online on your web site. I hope you find wiki even better for some kinds of information. -- -- DavidCary? [[DateTime?(2005-02-26T21:15:21Z)]]

Thanks, David! I'm glad you like my "Be A Genius*" site.

I do like the ease of editing Wiki over HTML.

Some of the pages I wrote on Mentat Wiki a while back, and had to recently go through and change the links that didn't work any more. Hopefully, they look a little better now.

-- --ScottCram [[DateTime?(2005-02-28T00:09:27Z)]]