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Mentat Wiki

Welcome to the Mentat wiki!

This wiki is about mental techniques, such as MemoryTechnique``s and MentalMath.

Key Points of Interest

Still growing!


Mental Improvement Intelligence Intensification significant overlap, but in book form (no wikinode yet); goes into less detail on individual techniques
Brains NeuroWiki the brain, at a more physical level
Cyborgisation SL4 Wiki Human augmentation by computer, uploading
Visual Visual Wiki visual language, symbols, mental maps
World Views AndStuff religion, philosophy, politics, ethics (no wikinode yet)
NotebookSystem notebooks wiki note books, note taking, ...
Personal Productivity 43 Folders wiki life hacks, note taking, heuristics, ...
Sleep improvement polyphasic sleep wiki polyphasic sleep, other ideas for improving sleep patterns to give better alertness when awake (no wikinode yet)
memorization Each memorizable wiki page is a set of "flashcards" that anyone can edit/improve. Also helps you step through "flashcards" and memorize them. (FlashCard) (no wikinode yet)


There are still CommunityWiki:TooFewWiki.

In the long run, good candidates would be:

Hey! There's a new related wiki! We need to put a WikiNode up on it, and fast.

PS: I'll have the Notebooks wiki back on-line, later. I want to merge it into 43 folders, pending some conversation with the staff there.

I imagine the Visual wiki may be linkable as well; These crowds seem to be interested in these various things.

-- LionKimbro [[DateTime?(2005-03-31T19:19:08Z)]]

OK, I roughed out an initial 43Folders:WikiNode. And a mere 3 months after you requested the WikiNode. Am I fast or what? :-) Oh, and I see that someone, who apparently had never heard of Wikinodes before, was inspired by the 43Folders: WikiNode to edit it, and then create a wikinode on some other wiki. Cool -- the WikiNode idea is starting to catch on and spread. -- DavidCary? [[DateTime?(2005-07-10T05:06:14Z)]]