Chinese Checkers

Players 2 or 4
Length 30 minutes
Equipment Required single standard piecepack
Designer Traditional, adapted for the piecepack by Mark A. Biggar
Version 1.1
Version Date 2004-07
License Copyright 2004 Mark A. Biggar under the GNU free doc license , dual-licensed CC BY-SA 4.0


The classic game adapted to a square board. Here is the starting setup.


Design Notes

  1. The classic game uses a hexagonal grid, which of course is hard with a piecepack. This resulted in the necessity to use all eight directions both orthogonal and diagonal to free things up. Otherwise, if only orthogonal moves are allowed, the pieces get too clogged up in the middle of the board and the game bogs down.
  2. The two player limited board makes for a good two player abstract.

Reviews & Comments

The Taxonomy category Space | Traversal was empty so I adapted this game to put something there. -- Mark A. Biggar

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