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# 1 Comment. # The game play rules seem confusing to me.

The document says:

"if you match your die roll to a face-down piece of wall, that player receives no bonus beyond the additional turn"

what bonus?

The document says:

"If you moved someone else’s hammer, no pieces of the wall are flipped, and no pieces are collected by that hammers owner."

But do I collect the pieces? (If they are already face-up and match)

It says:

"Holes in the wall should be treated as an empty space hammers may pass over and end their turn on these holes with out penalty."

does pass over mean: "move as if the hole wasn't a position" or "treat it as a position but with no wall piece"

What penalties are there? Are there any penalty for other things?

The document says:

"(This is an additional rule, and works with the number rule in the main game)"

are you referring to the paragraph above the sentence of below the sentence.

-- DanielAjoy 2010-10-28 19:04 UTC

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