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# 4 Comments. # Well, one side effect of this Advent calendar project is my cleaning up the pages for the games they post...

-- RonHaleEvans 2018-12-05 03:52 UTC

I'm pleased they picked the two winning games from the recent contest, Tingle and Desfases. I was beginning to think the calendar was going to consist entirely of "deep cuts". While I'm super-excited about Proximity, the deepest cut yet, it's nice to see the state of the art represented.

-- RonHaleEvans 2018-12-22 03:21 UTC

Sorry about getting your name mixed up, Ottia. I think I just copied the metadata from the calendar, but when I just checked, it was correct there. Anyway, I have corrected it on FB and BGG as well. I'll go reply to the tweet too.

-- RonHaleEvans 2018-12-23 18:57 UTC

Don't worry! I'm grateful that you write on FB, BGG and Twitter (I did not know, at the moment I am not in any social network or using BGG a lot).

In my opinion, the selection of Piecepack games for the Advent calendar was really good - a nicely balanced mix of "classic" Piecepack games (Soccer, Power Lines, Hanging Gardens and so on), relatively new games that have also made it to the Infinite Board Game booklet (Cream of the Crop, Relativity), games known from contests both old (New City) and new (I was also pleased to see three games from the last contest, apart from the fact that one of them was mine... that was a very nice surprise) and obscure games as well. Proximity is a tough one to sink your teeth into, but the fact that after a good handful of tests I am still thinking of cracking it open is a really good sign.

-- Ottia 2018-12-26 00:29 UTC

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