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# 3 Comments. # What is the purpose of the third color marking stone? If players can pass over existing paths, you could just not put a stone there. Ownership of a particular space doesn’t seem to matter, so you might not even need 2 colors. Is it purely aesthetic?

-- DanBurkey 2023-07-14 17:59 UTC

A pawn may not land on a square marked with their color (including squares marked with the third color)

-- TrevorLDavis 2023-07-15 04:29 UTC

According to Marty (the designer), Trevor is correct. The third color of stone was included for ergonomic purposes. That is my memory too.

Trevor is also correct that you can't land on your own color or the third color. This is an important rule!

Sorry about the delay in responding. Might be helpful to email designers directly with questions and relevant contest results. Nothing says you can't summarize on the wiki.

-- RonHaleEvans 2023-07-16 19:18 UTC

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