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# 4 Comments. # I love the theme and the humor. The mechanics look interesting too, and in keeping with the theme. I'm really looking forward to playing this, but two of the images are chopped in half at the bottom of the page, namely *Pawn Movement example* and *Tile Sliding Example*. I suspect some text is missing too.

-- RonHaleEvans 2019-08-23 00:04 UTC

"Zeppelinopolis" is a great name, btw.

-- RonHaleEvans 2019-08-23 03:09 UTC

I will PDF it and see how that goes. File uploads go through you, right?

-- Dan_Burkey 2019-08-23 05:28 UTC

If you want to host them on the wiki. But since the file will probably be changing often, I recommend you upload it wherever convenient and just link to it from the wiki.

-- RonHaleEvans 2019-08-23 05:43 UTC

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