Croquet for piecepack

Players 2-4
Length 60 minutes
Equipment Required standard piecepack
Designer DanSmith
Version 1
Version Date2006-11-06
License unknown , re-licensed CC BY-SA 4.0


Croquet is a nasty game played on polite well-mown lawns by polite vicars and their well-mown spouses. It offers unrivalled opportunities to be quite vicious while remaining unfailingly courteous. It is quintessentially English.

It is a game for two teams (Black and Blue versus Red and Green), with each team having between one and two players. If a team has two players, each player takes one colour each.

Tip: teamwork is vital, and discussions between teammates on tactics is often highly beneficial.

An entry in the GoodPortsmanship contest.


Reviews & Comments

Croquet for Piecepack, a port of Croquet, by Dan Smith. While the rules to this game need streamlining and better organisation, there is fun to be had after you get through them. The die-rolling mechanic to determine the success of a shot adds a lot to the fun; it seems to simulate superb players with terrible obstacles. One of my playtesters said he would rather see two or more dice used for more realistic odds, but I rather liked the one-die mechanic. It gives a springy, bouncy feel to the game that's not at all apparent from merely reading the rules. However, in the end, the rules are just too fiddly. They need a good edit pass. It's also interesting to note that Croquet for Piecepack is more of a simulation than a direct port, unlike every other game in the contest. It certainly took some imagination to port a lawn game, though.

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