Esperanto Piecepack Glossary / Pecopaka Vortaro

OK, this is a bit of a lark. I decided to take the terms from the Piecepack Glossary at and translate them into Esperanto. Why would I do this? First, it was easy. Also, besides enjoying both the piecepack and Esperanto, it seems to me that they share a certain aesthetic. Both are meant in some sense to be universal, and both build complex things up from smaller things (Esperanto's agglutinative grammar is similar in many ways to the fact that the piecepack is a pack of pieces). Finally, neither Esperanto nor the piecepack is as well known as it deserves.

Here, then, is the glossary. I'm missing a few terms that I hope fellow piecepackers who also speak Esperanto (yeah, right!) can help me with. I have provided an approximate pronunciation for English speakers, as well as an alternate translation, in some cases, into the simpler bona lingvo style advocated by Claude Piron. Note also that I am using "Internet spelling" for the Esperanto: an 'x' after a letter indicates a circumflex on top (example: 'cx' means a 'c' with a circumflex) or a breve in the case of a 'ux'.



I thought that certainly I (and to some extent my wife Marty Hale-Evans) could be the only piecepackers who spoke Esperanto, which is why I described this page as "silly" and "a bit of a lark". But eleven minutes after I completed this page and posted a notice about it to the piecepack mailing list, I received an email from Allan Bailey filling in a couple of the gaps in the glossary ("face-up" and "face-down").

Maybe the commingling of the piecepack and Esperanto isn't so silly after all.



ace:: aso (AH-soh)
arms:: armiloj (ar-MIH-loy)
coin:: monero (moh-NEH-roh; lit. "piece of money")
crowns:: kronoj (KROH-noy)
die:: jxetkubo (zhet-KOO-boh; lit. "throw-cube")
face-down:: facasuba (fa-tsa-SOO-ba)
face-up:: facsasupera (fa-tsa-soo-PEAR-a)
facing:: fronteco (front-ETS-o)
flick, to:: frapeti (frah-PEH-tih; lit. "to strike slightly")
flip, to:: renversi (ren-VAIR-sih)
moons:: lunoj (LOO-noy)
null:: nulumo (noo-OOM-oh)
obverse:: averso (ah-VAIR-soh)
pawn:: peono (peh-OH-noh)
piecepack:: pecopako (pets-oh-PAH-koh)
pip:: punkto (POONK-toh)
public domain:: publika havajxo (poo-BLIH-kah hah-VAH-zhoh)
reverse:: reverso (reh-VAIR-soh)
ruleset:: regularo (reh-goo-LAH-roh; lit. "rule collection")
shake, to:: skumiksi (skoo-MIX-ih; lit. "to shake-mix")
shuffle, to:: miksi (MIX-ih; lit. "to mix")
suit:: emblemo (em-BLEH-moh)
suns:: sunoj (SOO-noy)
tile:: kahelo (kah-HEH-loh; for bona lingvo use kvadrato, "square")
value:: valoro (vah-LOH-roh)