This is a Text Version of Evade


Adapted for the piecepack by Mark Biggar

Version 1.0, March 2003

Copyright (c) 2003 Mark A. Biggar

2 players, 20 min


This is an adaptation of the old 3M mini-bookshelf game Evade designed by Alex Randolph.

Game Setup

Build a board of 9 tiles grid-side up forming a 6x6 square board. Each player takes six coins of one suit. The ace and blank coins are special. The players secretly place their six coins on the back six squares on each player's side of the board, taking note of where they placed their ace and blank coins.

Game Turns

Players take turns by moving a single coin on the board one space in any direction (including diagonally). If you move a coin on top of an opposing coin, both coins are frozen and cannot move the remainder of the game. After freezing a coin, expose the number side of the coin you moved; if it is either of your special coins, then you immediately lose the game (do not peek at the bottom coin).

Before making any move, you may peek at the number side of exactly one of your coins, but if you do so you may not freeze any of your opponent's coins this turn. Other coins may not move into a square containing a pair of frozen coins.


Move either of your special coins into your opponent's starting row to win the game. Expose the coin to show your win; if you accidentally used another coin there is no penalty, but the game continues. The game is tied if all four special coins are frozen, so continue playing for a tie if both your special coins are frozen.


20030204 0.5 mab Original version

20030319 1.0 mab Update for piecepack web page

Thank you for playing this game. Please report rules problems or variant suggestions to mark@biggar.org.

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