Players 1-99
Length 30-60 minutes
Equipment Required single standard piecepack, 1 min timer
Designer TimFarley
Version 1.0
Version Date2004-02
License custom license: This game is placed in 'Public Domain'. You may redistribute this game freely, so long as you credit both the adaptation author and the original concept designer.


A multi-player puzzle of mice trying to locate the right type of cheese. Based on the game Ricochet Robot by Alex Randolph.


Reviews & Comments

I played the game with myself. The rules fail to mention what happens when a mice moves towards the edge of the board. Is the edge of the board an obstacle also?

I found that counting moves AND turns was confusing. When I get to play with someone I think I'll just count moves. Also, I noticed it is going to be really cumbersome to undo some failed demonstration, specially if it involves returning various robots to their original places in the board. So I suggest that the player describes in detail the actions to the others, and get the others approval before touching the board.


Pretty straightforward adaptation of Ricochet Robots to the Piecepack. As Jorge mentioned before, there is a minor issue when tracking moves on the board (this can be mended by marking the initial positions of the mice/pawns with their respective dice). Although there are no explicit rules regading the edges of the board, it can be assumed that they stop the pieces since the game otherwise becomes unplayable at the end.

Regarding the difficulty of the game, it is unavoidably much lower than on Ricochet Robots, making the game only durable for a low age bracket: the board is much smaller, there are no added obstacles and the placement rules mean that all coins and pawns are quite squeezed together: it usually doesn't take more than three or four moves to reach a coin, even considering the rule that bans arriving to a coin in a single move.

--Antonio Recuenco Muñoz

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