Four Field Kono

Players 2
Length 15 minutes
Equipment Required single standard piecepack
Designer Traditional adapted by Michael Schoessow
Version 1.0
Version Date2004-01
License public domain


A traditional Korean 4x4 two player abstract.


Reviews & Comments

Hi, Michael. I'm Korean, So I appreciate your introducing this Korea traditional game into piecepack. The precise pronunciation of this game is "Konu" rather than "Kono". Also the game board design is not like the famous one in here. The game rule is right. But make fitting with piecepack, it is necessary to modify design. Actually board setting of this game is various. But one setting looks like Chinese letter "Chariots" (you can find this letter on "Chang-gi", Korea traditional chess-like game) is most famous. - Inhwa Lee MailTo(virginis AT daum DOT net) -

Interesting traditional abstract that's well-suited for piecepack play. Great adaptation! (./) (./) -- ClarkRodeffer

Effortless adaptation of the traditional Korean game. Its clarity makes it suitable for adults and children and the limited setup still allows for some variety (there is tight positional play already after the first couple of captures). Overall it's a way more rewarding option for 5-10 minutes of play than other small format adaptations like Piecepack Dodge'em or Quatri.

-- Antonio Recuenco Muñoz

Example Game

GameType: Four Field Kono

1. b1:b3 1... d3:b3 2. c1:c3 2... a3:c3 3. c2-c1 3... b4:b2 4. a1-b1 4... b3:b1
5. d1:b1 5... c3-c2 6. a2-a3 6... b2:d2 7. a3-b3 7... c4-c3 8. c1-d1 8... d4-d3
9. b1-b2 9... d2:b2 10. b3-a3 10... b2-b1 {Player 1's loss is assured with the
 separation of their two remaining pieces and they should resign in a real game}
11. a3-a2 11... b1-c1 12. d1-d2 12... c1-d1 13. a2-a3 13... a4-b4
14. a3-a4 14... b4-c4 15. a4-b4 15... c4-d4 16. b4-a4 16... d4:d2 {Player 2 wins}
 Example game of Four Field Kono
Example game of Four Field Kono

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