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The solution always starts with the coin layout and the starting positions of the four priests. Next comes the length of the solution, and finally a list of the moves. The moves are separated by commas, and each move has the following parts:



The first few moves on this board might go as follows:

Possible layout notation refinements:

If you separate coin layout from position of the four priests and add in initial dice rolls you can specify challenges for games where an initial move otherwise doesn't exist and one must use one of the die rolls to enter the board as well as challenges for partially completed games. One possible notation for the pawns would be similar to chess notation where one uses numbers to indicate number of empty spaces (including ground spaces) between pieces. One could then also arrange the ranks of the four dice in a square corresponding to the initial locations of the pawns (i.e. rank of top left die tells you number of spaces top left priest could jump on game's first entering move if no legal move otherwise exists).

Example Coin Layout: 151223343151/542002455003 Example Pawn Layout: S12M/A12C Example Dice Layout: 30/24

-- TrevorLDavis

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