Generic Abstract Games that are Compatible with the Piecepack

When compiling the TaxonomyOfPiecepackGames, it struck me that there were gaps in the types of games invented for the piecepack. I am not a games designer, so I wondered if I could fill some of these gaps using abstract games that already exist and can be played with the piecepack components. I went onto the largest repository of abstract games rules around, The World of Abstract Games and pulled out the following list of games

I was surprised at how difficult it was. There are three main limitations of the piecepack for this purpose:

Note that each category of games has a Definite section, which are games I am confident will be workable games, and a Maybe section, which are games that have serious problems, for instance being "solved" - they are included for completeness.

I have not yet had a chance to play all these games. Any that are promising, and I can get permission for, I will try to get included in the piecepack rulebook.


Kings and Soldiers

This section covers abstract board games with two set of pieces on each army, usually called the soldier and the King. These games are for two players and played in sequential turns.




This page presents games that are played with Go-type stones for two players and played in sequential turns.


Setup for Breakthrough:



This section covers abstract board games that can be played with stacking pieces. As in the previous sections, they are for two players and with sequential turns.

Setup for Turkish Draughts: