1. Decide on the taxonomy category tag to be used. (E.g., RaceHamstersCategory.) Note that the first word of a taxonomy category tag is always the name of one of the main categories.
2. Create a new wiki page for the tag that contains a brief description of the category and a [[FullSearch('[^(\]]MyGameCategory')]] macro. Edit one of the other tag pages to see how it should be done.
3. If this is the first instance of a new main category then add a header and an [[Include(...)]] macro to the proper place in the main taxonomy page for the new main category. Edit the main page to see how to do this.
4. Add the new tag to the proper game pages. Note that because of the way we are using regex's to control the searches in 2. above, a taxonomy tag CANNOT be the very first thing on the very first line of a page. It is suggested that they be placed on the same line after the CategoryGame tag on the last line of the game page.