Players 3-4
Length 30-45 mins
Equipment Required single piecepack, pen or pencil, and paper. A calculator might help too.
Designer RonHaleEvans and Marty Hale-Evans
Version 0.3
Version Date 2002-09-08
License originally GNU Free Documentation License, re-licensed CC BY-SA


The Story

So your kid joined the KidSprouts, and somehow you got talked into becoming a SproutMeister. Now you're the "leader" (yeah, right) of a rambunctious mixed-gender troop of Sprouts, ranging in age from 10 to 15. Sure, the little kids can be a handful, but the older kids tend to get into big trouble with Sex and Drugs and Rock & Roll, none of which is usually associated with the squeaky-clean KidSprouts of America -- and that's the way National likes it.

But now the Blue Arrowhead, Noble Fir, Sun Beam, and Night Owl Troops of the local KidSprout Council are heading to the annual Jumboree. The very thought of it gives you an instant migraine. You're not going to have any fun. You're not going to have any peace and quiet. It will be all you can do to keep your own Sprouts under control -- unless you can foist your duties off on the other SproutMeisters. Say, that's a pretty good idea...

Unfortunately, all the other SproutMeisters have the same idea.


The object of the game is to score the fewest Stress Points. To do so, players must avoid leading Activities at the Jumboree, and foist their own KidSprouts (coins) off to Activities led by other SproutMeisters. Each night, the SproutMeisters meet to determine what the next day's Activities will be, and who will lead them (filling out their pocket schedules accordingly). A die is rolled to determine what Activity is next and how long it will take in hours, then players play their KidSprouts to the center of the table with ages (coin values) hidden. Ages are revealed simultaneously, and the SproutMeister who plays the oldest KidSprout must lead the Activity and take Stress Points equal to the total value of the coins played, multiplied by the hours the Activity takes. SproutMeisters may effectively modify the age of any KidSprout by playing one or two Excuses (Ace or 2 of their tile suit) on Sprouts after ages are revealed, thereby affecting who leads the Activity. If any Activity you lead runs past dinnertime, you must take double Stress Points for that Activity.


Reviews & Comments

Winner of the first piecepack game design contest, TimeMarchesOn.

One of the RecommendedGames. (./) (./) (./)

Image credits

Rickety rope bridge: cigarette card c.1925, public domain (selected by RonHaleEvans)

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