Players 2-4
Length 30 minutes
Equipment Required two piecepack sets
Designer Ferdinand Hein, adapted by Roger Meertens
License None
Version Date2009-04


Move your coins to the other side of the board. The way you can move is determined by the tile on which your coin stands. This game is a piecepack adaptation of Mutabor-Im Irrgarten des Kalifen


Suggestion for easier visual connections (also helpful when using standard piecepacks with different art styles): Since the ace and null tiles serve the same function (making a piece move like a chess king), turn them face down. Then use color/suit instead of value to determine movement:

Arms move like chess knights. Moons move like bishops. Crowns move like rooks. Suns move like queens.

If using an expansion as your second set, you would still want to use numbers.

--Dan Burkey