Nine Ball

Players 2
Length 20 minutes
Equipment Required single standard piecepack
Designer Traditional, adapted by Mark A. Biggar
Version 1.1
Version Date 2004-07
License Copyright 2003, 2004 Mark A. Biggar under the GNU free doc license , dual-licensed CC BY-SA 4.0


This is an adaptation of the billiards game Nine Ball as a piecepack coin FlickingGame.

This game requires a smooth seamless playing surface about 18x36 inches.


Design Notes

  1. The board layout comes from an early group discussion between James Kyle and ChrisYoung. See piecepack Mailing list message #9.
  2. Banked shots knocked the board tiles out of place too easily, so I added the rules about holding the tiles down to provide a solid bumper to bank the cue-ball.
  3. This game turns out to be much more difficult to play than regular Nine-ball.

Reviews & Comments

Yet another FlickingGame. -- Mark A. Biggar

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