This is where people can list games that they have not enjoyed for one reason or another. Of course, leaving constructive critism would be most helpful.

If I might add this, please respect other people's opinions and do not edit or remove signed, on-topic comments left by other users. With a group as diverse as the piecepack community, it's inevitable that certain games will appeal to some people, but not to others. Both groups are equally entitled, not only to hold those opinions, but also to express them, especially if they have suggestions to improve existing games or otherwise strengthen the piecepack community. So if one of your games appears on this page, take heart, and instead of lashing back, use any constructive comments to make your piecepack games even better. -- ClarkRodeffer

SoloSalvo unfortunately defies description of a game as it is 100% luck with no strategic or tactical elements. You have to guess which color coin will remain on the board, then coins are removed randomly. The result is a long drawn out affair that can be boiled down to the following: mentally choose a color; now pick a coin blindly from the bag; if the coin matches your chosen color, you win! Phillip Lerche