The Penguin Game

Players 1-4
Length 15 mins
Equipment Required Piecepack, cup or bag
Designer JonathanDietrich
Version 1.0
Version Date 2003-03-21
License Public Domain


The little penguins are striving to stay atop a melting iceberg. Unfortunately the body heat of the penguins is melting the ice. Who can stay afloat the longest? Each player will take on the role of a penguin. On your turn, you will make a move, then remove (or melt) the spot that you left. If you can't make a legal move then you're out of the game. Last player on the iceberg wins!


Reviews & Comments

Shallow game with very little strategy. Nice theme and might be good for kids, but not for adults --IainCheyne

The single player version is not very challenging. I haven't tried it with multiple players, yet. --KarlBartel

Not much to say here as I only played it once. I am a fan of Quivive and think that the variants here are an improvement on the original. I won easily, ending on my starting color and can't say as I am excited about it as a solitaire but I am looking forward to try it with other players. I'll likely have more to say when that happens. Until then, I can only say the design looks good.


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