Plans of Action

Players 1
Length 10-20 minutes
Required Bits single standard piecepack
Designer Edward Pulley
Version 1.1
Version Date 2004-01-19
License custom license: Copyright © 2003 by L. Edward Pulley. Permission is granted to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work, to make derivative works, and to make commercial use of the work, as long as credit is given to the original author, and if you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under a license identical to this one.


Rearrange the coins until a set of six matching coins are together in a group.

 Example of the (random) setup
Example of the (random) setup

Example game

Here is an example game (of the author's preferred variation) in PortablePiecepackNotation:

    Name: Plans of Action
(5,3)-4U; (3,3)-2L; 5(5.5,5.5)$>90!; (5,5)-4L; (2,5)-3R;-2D; (3,5)-2D;
({2..7},3)-2D; (3,4)-3U; (4,5)-2U; (6,4)-3L;-4U; (6,6)-2U; (2,6)-4R; (1,5)-4R;
(7,6)-3D;-2L; (4,6)-3R; (6,6)-3D;-3L; (5,3)-3L; (7,6)-3D; (3,3)-2U; (7,3)-3L;
({3,5,6,7},5)-2D; (5,4)-4L; (1,3)-3U; (5,7)-3D; (1,4)-5R; (1,6)-2D; (7,4)-2U;
(3,6)-3R; (5,6)-2L;-2D; ({1..6},4)-2D; (4,7)-2D;-2R; (3,7)-3D;-2R; (3,8)-2D;
(6,8)-2L;-2D; (6,5)-3U;-2R;-2D; (5,4)-2U;
 Example game of Plans of Action
Example game of Plans of Action (author's preferred variation)


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Entry in the SolitaryConfinement contest.

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