Players 2
Length 15 minutes
Equipment Required single standard piecepack
Designer Traditional adapted by Michael Schoessow
Version 1.0
Version Date2004-01
License public domain


Go-moku like 4x4 abstract.

Starting board for Quatri
Starting board for Quatri


Reviews & Comments

There are actually two different (but related) games called "Gomoku". The traditional Gomoku is a placement game that doesn't allow Quatri like movement but a hundred-year-old Western variant confusedly also named Gomoku does allow Quatri like movement (plus it seems diagonal moves). It seems one of the preferred version of the latter was a version played on a ten-by-ten board where each player gets ten pieces which would also be playable with a single piecepack (with ten Suns/Moons coins versus ten Arms/Crowns coins play on the "points" of a board made with Xiangqi-style rivers or use a tile from an extra piecepack or two dominoes to make a 10x10 board with "cells"). --TrevorLDavis

Easy abstract that can be played by children, or by adults with a little spare time. The minimal size and the symmetry of its setup don't yield much variety (normally it only takes a couple of moves to either end the game or bring it to one of a handful of recurrent positions), but all in all it can bring a quick an easy fix if several rounds are played against the clock.

-- Antonio Recuenco Muñoz

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