Players 2
Length 30-60 minutes
Equipment Required one standard piecepack
Designer James Kyle
Version version 1.0 for piecepack
Version Date 2000-00 (unknown month)
Licence Copyright 2000 by James Kyle, Re-licensed CC0 Public Domain Dedication


Apparently the very first game designed for the piecepack. It is a simulation of the sport Football (what USans call "Soccer"), and the first FlickingGame for the piecepack.



Reviews & Comments

One of the OriginalSevenGames.

Review at Brett & Board

Dave Boyle and I played Soccer at Penguicon 2.0, and it was better than I expected. What I expected was for the lightweight wooden coins to be flying out of the arena and/or not having enough momentum to make the ball move predictably. I was wrong on both counts, as only once did the kicker leave the stadium. Red card! Re-enter on another turn! Dave ended up scoring the third goal before I did, and it was an enjoyable 15 minute game. (./) (./) -- ClarkRodeffer


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