Players 2
Length 20 minutes
Equipment Required one standard piecepack
Designer Jacob Steinberger-Parkes
Version v1.0
Version Date 2023-05-14
License Dual-licensed GNU Free Document License or CC BY-SA 4.0


A short strategic game for piecepack based on Stratego.



To make the board place 8 facedown tiles in a 3*3 square leaving a hole in the centre.

Pieces :

Each player takes the coins and pawn from two suits. One player taking red and yellow, the other blue and black.
Each player discards a null coin from one suit and an ace from the other, without showing the opposing player which has been discarded from which suit. Each player now has 12 pieces: two pawns, and two coins of value 2, 3, 4, 5, and one coin of value null and ace.

The players sit opposite each other.
Each player places their pieces strategically suit-side-up on the two rows closest to them of the board.

The pieces represent:


On your turn you move a piece. Most pieces (pawn, 3, 4, 5 ace coins) can move one square horizontally or vertically. Scouts can move as many squares as they wish in one direction without jumping over any pieces. You can move to an empty square or a square occupied by an opposing player's piece. Bombs and flag don't move.

If you land on the other person's piece then you both reveal your piece's rank. The least important piece gets removed from the game, if both pieces have the same rank then remove them both.

Here is a list of what each piece beats:

How to win

1. If you land on the other player's flag you win.

2. If the other player can't move you win.

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