Tabletop Croquet

Players 2-10
Length 40-60 mins
Equipment Required one standard piecepack
Designer Traditional, adapted for the piecepack by Mark A. Biggar
Version 1.1
Version Date 2004-08
License Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004 Mark A. Biggar under the GNU free doc license , dual-licensed CC BY-SA 4.0


This is an adaptation of the lawn game Nine-wicket Croquet as a tabletop coin FlickingGame. This game requires a seemless smooth-surface table of at least 3x5 feet.


Design Notes

  1. The rules are loosely based on the U.S. Croquet Assoc. official Nine-Wicket Croquet rules.
  2. Luckily there are just enough tiles in a standard piecepack to construct a Croquet field: 9 pairs for the wickets and two stacks of three for the end posts.
  3. Tournament Nine-Wicket Croquet only allows a player to have at most two extra shots save up at any one time, but more informal play allows for any number, so I used those rules.

Reviews & Comments

My first FlickingGame. -- Mark A. Biggar

See also the adaptation of Lewis Carroll's game CastleCroquetnole by RonHaleEvans. -- Mark A. Biggar


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