The Royal Feast and the Court Jester

Players 2-4
Length 20-40 minutes
Equipment Required standard piecepack, plus 4-6 additional piecepack tiles
Designer SeanAnthonyBrady
Version Trial version
Version Date2004-10-23
License unknown


Each month the nobility of the land gather for a two day long feast. In between bickering sessions they gather in the large dining hall for a huge feast, and entertainment by the court jester. Each of the noble families brings a huge contingent of cooks and servers to assist with the meal.

In this game you play the role of servers trying to ensure that the members of your noble family eat the best and enjoy the best entertainment.

You will place your coins (servers) in the serving area at the start of the game. Once the feast starts you will move your servers so that they can either server tables, serve the Jester (so he performs better) or serve the kitchen staff (because the staff has to eat also). Because of the intense bickering you can never really tell who will show up for a feast, and due to intense loyalty you will never serve anyone but members of your own noble household.