Tile 13

Players 3-6
Length 45-90 minutes
Equipment Required One piecepack per player, one extra piecepack, and pen and paper to keep score
Designer RonHaleEvans
Version 1.0
Version Date2006-12-15
License originally GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.2, re-licensed CC BY-SA


In Tile 13, players take the role of entrants in a series of public piecepack game design contests, similar to the GoodPortsmanship contest or the previous contests held by the piecepack community. Just as with the piecepack contests, the winner of the contest becomes the judge of the next one. The object is to gain the most prestige points by designing high-scoring games and entering them in contests.

Each piecepack tile has a specific meaning in Tile 13 and represents a particular ludeme, or aspect of a game (for example, a set of components, a mechanic, or a theme). The designers (players competing in the current contest) create games by pulling together ludemes that they hope will closely match the Judge's expectations (the tiles played by the Judge).

The theme announcement for the seventh real-life public piecepack contest, GoodPortsmanship, reads, "In the spirit of free and open source software and culture, every entry must be a translation, or `port', of an existing game to the piecepack." This game ports the metagame of the piecepack contests to the piecepack itself. This game is a non-competing entry in GoodPortsmanship because the author is the judge of that contest.




Reviews & Comments

My game design group thinks this is one of the two best games I have ever designed (the other being Platonia, which is not a piecepack game and is still unpublished). But then they're all game designers too, so they would love this game (unless it totally sucked).

-- RonHaleEvans, 2006-12-15

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