Welcome to GEM

Players 2-4
Length 60 minutes
Equipment Required standard piecepack; 60 glass beads, pennies, poker chips or other markers; four printed player boards (included)
Designer SeanAnthonyBrady
Version 1.0
Version Date2005-02-13
License unknown


Thanks for choosing GEM, Gem Extraction Mechanics, for the safe extraction of all gems and other precious stones. We at GEM are extremely excited to tell you about our brand new product the GELP 4000.

What is a GELP 4000 you ask? The Gem Extraction Laser Product or GELP, for short will revolutionize the extraction of gems no matter what part of the galaxy your mining efforts find you in. All you need to do is find some gems, point the GELP 4000 in the right direction, and extraction occurs without any effort on your part.

Since you are a valued customer we will include free a Gem extraction tracking system, made exclusively to work with the GELP 4000. Keep reading to see how this exciting new product can save your company time and money on those hard gem procurement expeditions.

Of course the objective of any galactic gem miner is to collect the most, and sometimes most varied number of gems as efficiently as possible. The more gems you grab the more money they are worth.