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Top Five Games for November 2003

Rank Game Last month Two months ago Comments
1 Attika n/a n/a Finalist for SdJ 2004. Mark my words!! (I'm glad BSW has a version to play)
2 Puerto Rico 1 1 Destined to be a classic. Will still always accept a game
3 Alhambra 3 n/a Been playing it a lot on BSW. It's slowly growing on me.
4 Age of Mythology 2 n/a A very good, if long, North American /German hybrid.
5 Pentaghostal 6 n/a A friend is working on his own creation.. and it's fun!
6 Carcasonne 5 3 Been playing other games, but still find time for this one.
7 Age of Steam 4 2 Fantasic game! Slipping down due to lack of willing players.
8 New City 8 5 Got to give props to my own!
9 Princes of Florence 9 6 Wish I had more opportunity to play it!
10 Bang! 7 n/a Cute little beer and pretzels card game. Popular at the table.

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