Big 20Two

Big Two

A trick taking game from Hong Kong. To my knowledge this has yet to be played at a Game Night, as of the beginning of 2003, but I mention it as another game for the TrickTakingGame page. Perhaps there can be a Trick Taking Night, one of these nights.

Rules vary from house to house, of course. Basically, the deck is dealt evenly to each of the four players and they proceed to try to divest themselves of their cards. A play consists of one, two, three, or five cards and each play must have a higher value but the same number of cards as the previous plays in the round. Two and three card plays must be pairs and threes-of-a-kind. Five card hands must be poker hands: straight, flush, full house, four-of-a-kind (padded out with a fifth card of no worth to the hand), and straight flush

Three is the lowest card, and two is the highest, hence the name. Diamonds are the least valuable, followed by clubs, hearts, and spades.


A.k.a. Choi Dai Di. Big Two rules at

There's a commercial version of Big Two known as Golden_Deuce?. It has a scoreboard and looks like a cross between Big Two and Cribbage?. Reportedly, game play is somewhat improved. I guess you might say Golden Deuce is to Big Two as Wizard is to Oh_Hell?.

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