Cosmic 20Encounter

Cosmic Encounter

The staple game of Seattle Cosmic, and the origin of our group's name.

Cosmic Encounter in action.

Seattle Cosmic usually plays Cosmic Encounter ("Cosmic" or "CE") on the third Saturday of the month, which is known as a CosmicNight. We usually play with a heavily expanded "Frankenstein" set belonging to Ron_Hale-Evans?.

Question: Can you explain better this "Frankenstein" version of the game? Or better yet, create a FrankensteinExpansion? page or something.

I'm a longtime player of the original EON version CosmicEncounter? and have all nine expansions, including the back pictures for the hexes (which has the Praw, etc.), however the powers I see in the picture don't look familiar. I've played WEG version, Mayfair version and even the new one from Avalon Hill, and still feel lost.

-shnar (BryceNielsen?)

Key Resources

BoardgameGeek page (CE is game number 15 in the database!)

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