Game Night Schedule For the Current Quarter

Upcoming Game Nights for 4th Quarter, 2015/2016

All begin at 5:00 pm. Special events may have different hours.

21Mill Creek
28Capitol Hill
12Mill Creek
26Capitol Hill
JANUARY2Mill Creek
9Capitol Hill
23Kent (Quarterly Meeting)
30Mill Creek

The above is the "official" schedule; we will be meeting on these days at minimum. However, if anyone wants to host informal game nights in between, they usually announce it on the list.

Game nights usually start at 5:00 PM or noon and run until somewhere between 11:00 PM-1:00 AM at the specified date and location; ending time is at the host's discretion. Sometimes we have "game days" that start as early as 10 AM and last all the way until 1:00 AM so we can play long games. WATCH THE MAILING LIST for early openings, cancellations, etc.

Dinner plans are at the discretion of the host. Watch the mailing list for announcements, or ask if you're unsure.

Driving directions to all hosts' homes can be downloaded from the mailing list file site, although you must be a member of the mailing list to access the files.

House Guidelines By Host

Timothy Higgins, Mill CreekTimsGuidelines?
Dave Adams and Kathy Kizer, LynnwoodDaveAndKathysGuidelines