G8 20GameTimer

The G8 GameTimer?


A wonder of the gaming world. Like a chess clock, but highly configurable, and unlike a chess clock, can handle up to eight gamers (hence the "G8"). This makes it very useful for GermanStyleGames. It has light and sound alarms to signal the end of a player's turn, and two memories to store settings for games you play a lot. It is packaged with a detailed instruction sheet (there is an HTML version online), and the inside of the hard plastic case comes with an abbreviated set of instructions that are sufficient for most situations. All this in a gizmo about the size of a PDA or a pocket calculator.

Support for the G8 is excellent. Don Green, the G8's inventor, came across a mention in one of the Seattle Cosmic newsletters that Meredith_Hale? and Marty_Hale-Evans? were having trouble configuring the G8 for the game Facts in Five, and spontaneously sent us instructions for doing so, which can be found on our Facts in Five page itself. These instructions are duplicated at the website of Dream Green, the manufacturer, along with instructions for several other games, including tournament Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit.

We don't use the G8 every game night, but when we need it, we are glad we have it. It is always in my EmergencyGameKit, and is useful in avoiding the JohnFactor.



Where to buy the G8 on the Internet

Where to buy the G8 in the Seattle Area