Robo 20Rally

Robo Rally

You play one of 8 pathetic robots doomed to wander a lethal factory floor at the whim of insane controllers who dole out random commands. So, actually, I guess you play one of the insane controllers. Anyway, this is a great game. The robots must make do with a set of ten (or fewer if they're damaged) movement commands to stay out of harm's way and make it to a handful of arbitrary checkpoints before the other droids. Along the way they can obtain repairs (or they can shut down and hope cybernetic death stays at bay for a turn) and augmentations, including weapons. Oh yes, the other robots can be as much of a threat as any of the (seemingly purposeless) smashing, zapping, torching, pushing, dropping devices in the factory.

I dream of the day when I can buy tiny little robots with bitsy little lasers and have them walk/trundle/spin their way around the board.

- Paul_David_Unwin?

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