Seattle Cosmic Game Night, Saturday, 17 July 2004

One Hot Night in Kenmore

Who came?
Ben_Sklar? (host of the evening), John_Reiher?, Justin_Newstrum? and his friend Ryan came early for RoboRally?. Later at the usual time, Ryan_Eyer?, Emily_Miller?, Nat_Dupree?, Steve_Dupree?, Jay_Lorch?, Michelle_Teague?, Ron_Hale-Evans?, Marty_Hale-Evans?, and Julie_Strasser? arrived.

General notes.
It was hot. Very hot. Despite the AC being on, and later the windows opened, it was hot. Game 'night' started early at 1:00 with a game of RoboRally?. Later at 5:00 the usual gang started showing up and RoboRally? was finished as we moved on to other games. With the usual ending time of midnight.



Game: RoboRally?
Players: Ben_Sklar?, John_Reiher?, Justin_Newstrum? and Ryan
Location: large table
Time: 1:15 - 5:15
Winner: Ben_Sklar?
Prize: none


Ben_Sklar? Hulk 1st place
John_Reiher? Squash 4th place
Justin_Newstrum? Twonky 3rd place
Ryan Trundle 2nd place

We agreeed to a X pattern 5 board setup with the water board in the center. This slowwed us a lot more than we thought it would. As it was past 5:00 we agreed to end the game at the 3rd of 4 flags. Ryan took an early lead, but with my 'Recompile' option I was able to get the necessary cards to get accross the water, then pull Ryan with my tractor beam to make him drive off into a pit; thus winning me the game.


Modern Art

Game: Modern_Art?
Players: Nat_Dupree?, Steve_Dupree?, Ben_Sklar?, John_Reiher?, Justin_Newstrum?
Location: ?
Time: ??? - 18:00
Winner: Steve_Dupree?
Prize: none


Steve_Dupree? 594
Ben_Sklar? 443
Nat_Dupree? 375
John_Reiher? 337
Justin_Newstrum? 332

What happened during this game?
1st time playing this game for Justin and Ben
In the first round the top selling artists were Karl Gitter, Lite Metal, and Christin P.
In the second round the top artists were Christin P. Lite Metal, and Karl Gitter
In the third round the top artists were Krypto, Yoko, and Lite Metal
In the fourth round the top artists were Christin P, Krypto, and Lite Metal

Comments from the players?


Mayfair finally re-released the classic Modern Art. As soon as I found out I ordered a copy. The new version comes in a smaller box, which some think is uglier than the old box. Considering the nature of the components (cards, chips, screens, and a small chart) of the game and the finite space in the universe, I am happier with smaller packaging. The components are OK quality. The price chart is a bit flimsy, and the pictures of art galleries on the screens seem grainy. However these changes allowed Mayfair to sell the game at a street price of only $17.

As far as this instance of the game in question, it was pretty straightforward. Having played it probably more than the other players combined, my win isn't noteworthy. There was some naysaying later on that Lite Metal had passed his prime compared to later, more prolific artists, but amazingly his works managed to be among the top in all four rounds of the game.


Amun Re

Game: Amun_Re?
Players: Nat_Dupree?, Steve_Dupree?, Ben_Sklar?, Justin_Newstrum?
Location: ?
Time: 19:20 - 21:00[BR]] Winner: Ben_Sklar?
Prize: none


Ben_Sklar? 40
Nat_Dupree? 38 (10)
Justin_Newstrum? 38 (9)
Steve_Dupree?, 36

A very close game, with Nat coming in 2nd by 1 pyramid in the tie-breaker. It was also Justin's first time playing this game.

Ben Justin Nat Steve
1st round Kharga Amaryna Bernike Damanhur
2nd round Edfu Baharia Sawu Abu
3rd round Daklha Memphis Avaris Thebes
1st half score 12 17 6 17
4th round Sawu Dakhla Baharya Bernike
5th round Memphis amarnya Khargha Edfu
6th round Abu Damanhur Thebes Avaris

Nat made a bold move in the 5th round with an opening bid of 21 on Kharga (which had 3 pyramids). Which she managed to win.

Comments from the other players?


Domino Dice

Game: Domino Dice
Players: John_Reiher?, Ron_Hale-Evans?, Marty_Hale-Evans?, Julie_Strasser?
Location: Hallway
Time: 7:50 - 8:30
Winner: Marty_Hale-Evans?
Prize: Ron


Marty_Hale-Evans? 54
John_Reiher? 53
Ron_Hale-Evans? 24
Julie_Strasser? 13

What happened during this game?

Comments from the players? ----
Well Domino Dice is an interesting variant, where you have to roll the domino dice and try to roll faces you can use to build your train. If none of the faces work, you "crap out". The first roll must have at least one double tile face up or you crap out immediately.

So with that in mind, I was very lucky in my first rolls and got to 53 with only one crap out. Julie and Ron crapped out a lot, either in trying to make a higher score or in just their initial rolls. Marty, despite her final score, crapped out a lot, then made most of her points in the last round with a thirty something scoring set of rolls.

Power Grid

Game: Power_Grid?
Players: Ben_Sklar?, John_Reiher?, Steve_Dupree?, Michelle_Teague?
Location: ?
Time: ??? - 24:00
Winner: Steve_Dupree?
Prize: none


Steve_Dupree? 18
Michelle_Teague? 16 (16)
Ben_Sklar? 16 (4)
John_Reiher? 15

I think I am finally beginning to understand this game. The two key aspects to focus on seem to be turn order and plant capacity. It is often worth givign up a few dollars in income (by not building a substation you could power) if it lets you be first in the turn order in the next round.



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